Lauren enright

Lauren Enright is a teacher in all realms of her life: yoga, doula, and mother. She has a keen curiosity for learning new things and is passionate about transmitting her newfound knowledge to her students. Since her original yoga teacher training in 2013 she has studied Tantra yoga in India, and has become a certified yin yoga, mom and baby yoga, and prenatal yoga instructor.  

Lauren loves to educate her students on multiple levels, as well as support women (and their babies) on their Motherhood journey. She is passionate about teaching others how to relax, and be mindful. She enjoys combining practices from different styles of yoga such as breathing techniques, energizing postures, long stretches, and visualizations to create well balanced, nurturing, and grounding classes. Her clear instructions and playful nature make her classes accessible to all, and her warm and authentic personality will make you feel like you’ve just made a new friend.

As a former neuroscientist, high school science teacher, and athlete, all of her life experiences make her the dynamic and knowledgeable yoga teacher that she is today.