Anne Baan Hofman

Anne is a yoga, ELDOA and meditation teacher which are the means through which she creatively explores movement and stillness for you to take a healthy break from your busy day and feel more space in the body and mind.

She approaches her classes through the basics of breath, movement, and mindful practice, aiming to restore both the body and the mind. Classes are bracketed by relaxing warm-up and cool-down; conscious physical exertion stems from a place of calm, and a sense of safety in oneself and within the group; only then can the body energize and discover its inner strength. 

Through verbal cues and gentle physical assists, she aims to acknowledge the potential of each individual body, encouraging playfulness, curiosity, and adaptability within poses to accommodate maximum comfort within the challenge of exercise.

Anne is a certified 500hr Yoga Teacher from Naada Yoga Montreal, as well as ELDOA level 1 & 2, she participated in various workshop such as Uma Dinsmore Tuli’s Yoga for Women and Leslie Howard’s Pelvic Floor Yoga.